Welcome to the Digital Promise Challenge Institute! Here you will join educators from around the world to investigate the big idea of powerful learning, identify pressing challenges, and design sustainable solutions.

Featured Speakers

avatar for Karen Cator

Karen Cator

Digital Promise
avatar for Marco Antonio Torres

Marco Antonio Torres

Digital Promise
Director of Story
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Mark Nichols

Challenge Institute


avatar for Anthony Baker

Anthony Baker

Digital Promise
Project Director, Next Generation Science
avatar for Kristal Brister

Kristal Brister

Digital Promise
Program Manager, Learning Experience Design
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Quinn Burke

Digital Promise
Senior Research Scientist
avatar for Sarah Cacicio

Sarah Cacicio

Digital Promise
Senior Project Director, Adult Learning
avatar for Judi Fusco

Judi Fusco

Digital Promise
Senior Research Scientist, STEM Teaching and Learning
avatar for Elyse Gainor

Elyse Gainor

Digital Promise
Program Manager, Learning Experience Design
avatar for Lisa Jobson

Lisa Jobson

Digital Promise
Project Director, 360 Story Lab
avatar for Christina Luke

Christina Luke

Digital Promise
Director, Digital Certifications and Credentialing
avatar for Sierra Noakes

Sierra Noakes

Digital Promise
Sr Research Project Manager
avatar for Megan Pattenhouse

Megan Pattenhouse

Digital Promise
Project Manager, Learning Experience Design
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Maria Romero

Digital Promise
Maker Learning Associate
avatar for Jeremy Roschelle

Jeremy Roschelle

Digital Promise
Executive Director, Learning Sciences Research
avatar for Nick Schiner

Nick Schiner

Digital Promise
Project Director - Learning Experience Design
avatar for Stefani Pautz Stephenson

Stefani Pautz Stephenson

Digital Promise
Project Director
avatar for Vina Vo

Vina Vo

Digital Promise
Program Manager
avatar for Josh Weisgrau

Josh Weisgrau

Digital Promise
Director, Learning Experience Design
avatar for Odelia Younge

Odelia Younge

Digital Promise
Director, Micro-credentials